Mission Statement


Historical Arts and Casting, Inc. is the premier designer, fabricator, and installer of custom, architectural, ornamental-metal products in the world.


We are artisans who restore life to the classical and bring new meaning to America’s architectural heritage. With a commitment to old-world craftsmanship, we utilize new-world technology to create custom, quality, architectural ornamentation. We are leaving a lasting legacy of beauty for current and future generations to enjoy.

As Members of the Historical Arts & Casting, Inc. Team, We Value


We create historically correct, highest-quality products that we’re proud to put our names on and that exceed our customers’ expectations. We invest in technology, utilize “best methods,” employ old-world craftsmanship, and implement strict quality control from start to finish. Each member of our team is committed to excellence.

A Phenomenal Work Environment

We endeavor to create a professional and friendly working environment. Every member of our team is treated as well as our most valued customers. Everyone is valued for his or her unique contribution to our overall success. We are not so busy that we cannot pause to help a colleague. We are encouraged to pursue personal creative expression in our work. We communicate openly, honestly, and with sensitivity. We all work to earn the respect of our colleagues. We care about each other, our customers, and our community. We truly work together as a team. Our facilities are modern, light, clean, orderly, and safe. Everyone understands our agreed-upon rules and practices and the fact that they apply to everyone. Everyone has clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and goals. We enjoy coming to work.


We keep our word. We do not make excuses–we make things right. We do not hide undesirable practices with employees or customers–we eliminate them. We always tell the truth, regardless of the consequences. We trust each other. We are courageous enough to share both the good and bad news with each other. We believe in an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.  We believe in charging fair prices for our products and services.

Human Development

We believe in, and promote, balanced living. We believe in training and development for the whole person, so that we continually improve not only as team members, but also as human beings. We believe that all team members need a basic understanding of how our entire operation works, so they can clearly see the impact of their individual responsibilities. We believe that, through study and practice, we can become better each day at all aspects of our work.


We constantly strive to become more efficient in every aspect of our operation. In concert with our customers, we create realistic time frames for projects. We do not waste our organization’s time or resources. We update policies and procedures to make subsequent projects less difficult and time consuming. We plan ahead so that our meetings are productive. We are proactive in assuring that pertinent parts and materials are well stocked. We understand that our financial success and security (both collectively and individually) are dependent on each person’s commitment to being productive.


We know that our customers are the reason we can come to work each day and do what we enjoy doing. We take pride in serving our customers in unique and extraordinary ways and delight in surprising them regularly by exceeding their expectations. We are committed to a level of service that no competitor would or could match. Our customers know that our service is superior to that which they could obtain anywhere else and any price.

Financial Success

We believe that prosperity is created by outstanding craftsmanship and service to each other and our customers. As we each contribute our best efforts, on a daily basis, we will create better prosperity for the company and ourselves. We believe in rewarding outstanding effort and understand that increased wages and benefits come with increased prosperity.