Honoring Robert Baird

It is with mixed emotions that we at Historical Arts and Casting, Inc. are announcing the retirement of Robert Baird—one of the three brothers who founded HACI more than three decades ago.


Together with his brothers, Richard and David, Robert has worked tirelessly to build Historical Arts & Casting, Inc. into what it is today, the recognized leader in the field of cast architectural metal ornament. He and his brothers did this by identifying a need for the kinds of products that we now make.

Then, they brought that dream to light by gathering the people, the facilities and the equipment needed to make it all possible. Robert infused everything he did with his own unique mix of unbridled enthusiasm and charismatic leadership. His influence can be found everywhere you look here at HACI.

That influence will endure. It will endure because many of us at Historical Arts were hired by Robert—and were subsequently guided by Robert. Our company values were shaped in part by his values. Many of the ongoing relationships that HACI enjoys with architects, contractors, and associations are the fruit of these efforts.

The best way that we can think of to celebrate Robert’s impact is to continue his vision—to put our heads down and to carry on with the work—always with that joyful, dedicated optimism that comes with being sure of your skills, a desire to do the right thing, and the knowledge that what is being built is a legacy that will outlast each of us.

Thank you, Robert. Our best wishes to you and your family as you carry on in the next part of your journey.

“Fair Winds and Following Seas.”