A Year to Remember

Looking back at 2017, we could list our favorite jobs, the big-hitters, the unusual, the ones that make people remember our names.

There are even a few projects we’re guessing might show up in the movies one of these days, not in a leading role, of course, but something that will catch our attention as we’re watching. It’s a game we play at Historical Arts and Casting, our own version of “I Spy,” especially when the action’s set in New York City and, lately, Washington, D.C. as well.

But as partner David Teague puts it, “We’re excited every time a new project comes in and it feels good to see the final product that comes out of all the effort.”

While we are proud of the iron stoop rail renovation in Washington, D.C., the vintage street lamps restored and now standing again outside New York’s Grand Central Terminal and the John Russell Pope Award recognizing our work on the restoration of the U.S. Capitol dome, this is no time to rest on our laurels. Instead, we want to give you a rundown of the things that happened in 2017 that will prepare us for anything that comes our way in 2018.

• Internally, we’ve progressed in our operations, not just in manufacturing but in keeping everything moving along. We continue to explore new technologies, making the most of what’s available while utilizing the traditional methods that preserve the history of our art. What makes it all possible is a group of artisans, from President Richard Baird to the dedicated folks sweeping the floors, who love it as much as we do.

• We’re pleased with the unique relationship we’ve developed with the architects and contractors who bring their client’s projects to us. We’ve earned their respect and trust and in turn, we appreciate their vision. It has led to interesting collaborations, repeat business and, from the Institute of Classic Architecture and Art, the John Russell Pope Award.

• Not to avoid the elephant in the room, 2017 was the year the U.S. Capitol dome restoration was officially completed. We’re very proud of the role we played in bringing it back to its original form. As Robert Baird, our vice-president of operations said, it’s the sort of project you wait your whole life to do. But we need to look forward to our next big project and keep producing great work. We’re glad for the successes and we’re going to keep pushing in 2018 for even more!. Thank you for making Historical Arts and Casting, Inc. a part of your world!